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Creation, for me, is about freedom, and it's this feeling that I aim to convey in my paintings. To achieve this, I give a significant role to chance and surprises by employing rather unpredictable techniques. Indeed, the use of everyday objects, such as a broom, a shoe, or a fork, is not an exact science and sometimes leads me to unexpected places. That's what I love about this technique I've been developing for a few years, and it has now become an integral part of my artistic style. Over this intuitive exploration, animal subjects are overlaid, absorbing the textures and movements of the background to create a unique universe, blending imagination and reality.


I invite people to discover my artworks through the creative process and my whimsical techniques, hoping to inspire the desire to create without limits and with complete freedom!


Alex is a wildlife painter from the Lotbinière region who embarked on her artistic journey as a self-taught painter in 2016. Exploring various artistic techniques during her studies in presentation design and graphic design, she sought inspiration across a range of subjects, including ships, portraits, animals, world maps, and even abstract works.

In 2018, she took on the challenge of creating an artwork without using brushes, opting to stamp everyday objects around her. This experience profoundly influenced her artistic path, leading her to consistently incorporate objects into her works, forming the hallmark of her artistic style.


Sharing her creative process through videos, Alex is highly active on social media, captivating audiences both in Quebec and internationally. She has actively participated in numerous artistic events, earning several awards, including the Public's Choice Award at the Drummondville Arts Symposium and the Baie-Comeau Symposium.

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Prix Camille St-Pierre (1ère place coup de coeur du public), 25 juin 2023, Symposium de Baie-Comeau

Prix Coup de coeur du public, 12 mars 2023, Symposium des arts de Drummondville

Prix de la Voix de l'est, 30 juillet 2023, Symposium Couleurs Urbaines, Granby

Prix coup de coeur Desjardins, 25 novembre 2021, Artistes de coeur, Saint-Lambert

Finaliste au concours Chaudière-Appalaches en œuvres, 19 septembre 2019, Musée Marius-Barbeau, St-Joseph-de-Beauce

Finaliste (catégorie artiste) au Gala Jeun’Excellence, 24 mai 2019, St-Agapit


Galerie Zen, 2018 à 2023, Galerie Zen (Québec)

Chaudière-Appalaches en œuvres, Musée Marius-Barbeau, 20 septembre au 13 octobre 2019, (St-Joseph-de-Beauce)



Symposium des arts de Drummondville, 10 et 12 juillet 2022 (Drummondville)

Symposium de Baie-Comeau, 21 et 25 juin 2023 (Baie-Comeau)

Symposium Couleurs urbaines, 28 au 30 juillet 2023 (Granby)


Symposium Lyst'Art, 9 et 10 juillet 2022 (Lyster)

Symposium Couleurs urbaines, 29 au 31 juillet 2022 (Granby)

Symposium Bromont en art, 25 au 27 août 2022 (Bromont)


Symposium Couleurs urbaines, 26 au 28 juillet 2021 (Granby)

Symposium Les couleurs du Fjord, 8 au 10 octobre 2021 (Saint-Félix d'Otis)

Artistes de coeur, 25 au 28 novembre 2021 (Saint-Lambert)


Symposium des arts de Drummondville, 6 au 8 mars 2020 (Drummondville)


Symposium Arts et Reflets, 9 au 11 août 2019 (Château-Richer)

Symposium Couleurs urbaines, 26 au 28 juillet 2019 (Granby)

Symposium Lyst’art, 6 et 7 juillet 2019 (Lyster)

Symposium AAAVT, 15 et 16 juin 2019 (Terrebonne)

Exposium des Galeries St-Hyacinthe, 27 et 28 avril 2019 (St-Hyacinthe)


Symposium Plaines Couleurs, 25 au 27 août 2017 (Québec)



ExpoHabitat, 21 au 25 février 2018 (Québec)


ExpoHabitat, 22 au 26 février 2017 (Québec)

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